Marlo® MLA²

Marlo® MLA²

Marlo® MLA² are exclusively made of stainless steel components. All aluminum parts are 7075 hard anodized. The component surfaces are like polished. Advantage here: It offers even less attack surface for oxidation. The MLA² model brakes over a carbon disc system. Here I have reached a higher service life of the braking system. It is very precise to adjust. The fine click sound was maintained and the technique improved, no balls that could wash out the housing and then block it. The braking system closes towards the housing. It can be used both left hand and right hand. Since reels always come into contact with water, it is essential to make them from high-quality materials. So all Marlo fly reels are salt water suitable. Changing the spool is very easy, thanks to the captive screw.


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Marlo® MLA² 3plus

Product no.: mla003
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Marlo® MLA² 5plus

Product no.: mla005
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Marlo® MLA² 7plus

Product no.: mla007
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